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Wife of 27 years, Mom of 5 children (all grown), artist & candlemaker. Other hobbies include baking, cooking, fishing, as well as other outdoor activities. Love animals and have many pets. I enjoy the ocassional cigar, have tattoos and like to ride my motorcycle too.


I have been part of F&O Local 3 for 21 years, the last 3 years as BA and 11 years prior as the Assistant BA. Previous to that, 7 years as a chief steward in a Local 3 bargaining unit where I worked in a Budget and Finance office.

Previous work outside of Local 3 includes working for a third party administrator for a health insurance company where I did bill auditing, case coordination, claims review as well as worked the triage help line. I was also a member and steward of the Local Union. Through my years of service in the industry, I attended many continuing educationtraining programs related to the medical field as welll as business side of things where I recieved certificates of completion for each. The experience gave me a strong foundation and my love to learn and grow professionally blossomed.

My earlier work years consisted of Managing a clothing retail store and also working as a hair dresser and even a waitress in High School.


I am a proud graduate of the Greater Lawrence Technical High School in Andover, MA where I studied and recieved my certificate in clothing arts and fashion design as well as a licensed Cosmetologist.

Post H.S. I enrolled in the United States Air Force however, my career goals were short lived as I was diagnosed with a medical condition that ended my time in the military within the first 6 months. Defeated but determined, I went back to school full-time where I studied Office Administration, accounting, Medical Coding & Billing, and other related skills.


Lisa Ireson


Business Agent and Secretary - Treasurer for Local 3

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