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Lawrence, MA, March 22, 2023 - Local 3 SEIU, Lawrence Water Department Unit, proudly announces that its members have unanimously approved a new 3-year contract that enhances their wages and working conditions.

The new contract provides a much-needed wage adjustment in the first year, followed by 3% wage increases in the second and third years of the agreement. In addition, the deal includes increased funding for certain benefits, stipends for specialized licenses, and a one-time payment to each member.

Negotiating this agreement was no easy feat, but our bargaining team used their combined years of experience, talents, and union representation to make their voices heard and respected. Through their dedication and tireless efforts, they secured a fair and just contract for our members.

This contract is a significant victory for the hardworking members of Local 3 SEIU, Lawrence Water Department Unit, we are proud of our members for standing together and making their voices heard during negotiations. This agreement provides our members with the wages and benefits they deserve while also improving working conditions. These dedicated employees work tirelessly to ensure that Lawrence residents have access to safe and clean water.

Congratulations to the proud members of Local 3 SEIU, Lawrence Water Department Unit for standing together and securing a strong contract that enhances their wages and working conditions.

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SEIU Local 3 has partnered with the Peterson School to offer a 10% discount to SEIU Local 3 members who take classes through the Peterson School. Learn more about what the Peterson School offers by attending their Open House & Career Fair!

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The Sisters and Brothers of the LACE (clerical) bargaining unit recently ratified a 3-year contract that included improved wages and conditions. Some members will see a 3% raise across the board each year of the contract and some jobs have been reclassified with significant raises ranging from 21% to 35% over 3 years! this is in return for cross training, mandatory overtime, increased duties and change in schedules. The contract is retroactive to July 1, 2022 and Retroactive wage increases will vary by each member. Historically, the City has failed to offer a fair wage at bargaining, generally, anywhere from 1%-2% a year. This time was no easy task either and after nearly 10 months of bargaining and standing firm, we were able to improve wages for our members. We am very proud of our members, congratulations to all !

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