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Newbury Mechanics ratify new agreement!

After negotiating for over a year, SEIU Local 3 members at The Newbury Boston Hotel just ratified a four-year deal with 5% raises each year. All raises are retroactive to the expiration of our last agreement (February 1, 2022), so our members will immediately see a 10% pay bump and a large retro check consisting a full pay-out of the difference between the money our members made since the contract expired and what they would have made if the raise had gone into effect on the date of the last contract's expiration! Management wanted us to forgo our retro pay, but we said, "that's our money!" These raises would not have been possible but for the militant actions our members took at the workplace including button-ups, delegations (where our team shows up together at the General Manager's office to discuss issues with negotiations), and preparations for public-facing actions!

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