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Welcome to the fourth in the series, "The Big Picture: Ten Ideas to Save the Economy", by MoveOn.org and Robert Reich.

In case you missed them, once you've watched Tame Wall Street, be sure to check out the timely Fight for $15, Help Families Work, and Expand Social Security videos, which you can access through The Big Picture website.

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local 3 badgeBrothers and Sisters,

The time has come for Local 3 to hold its tri-annual nominations and elections for Officers and Executive Board members of the Union.

You may pdfdownload the official noticefor the nominations meeting that will take place on Wednesday, March 25th at 5p.m. (for nominations)Elections will not take place until Wednesday, May 27th and a separate notice will be mailed out in April advising you all of such.

Additionally, for any of you who have eligible children, the scholarship applications for 2015 are included in the pdfdownload.

Please print out both the notice for nominations as well as the scholarship applications and post them in your shops or on your designated bulletin boards for your sites! 

Members will also be receiving a copy of both notices by U.S. postal service but please spread the word!

Lisa Ireson
Assistant Business Agent
Organizing Director
Ethics Liaison
Firemen & Oilers, Local 3, SEIU


majwj-logotype1As of October 17, union workers at FairPoint Communications in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are on strike to protect their pensions, health care, job security, decent wages, and the future of their communities. These members of the IBEW and the CWA build and maintain the communications network that brings essential phone and Internet service to northern New England. Many seniors, people with disabilities, and rural residents depend on these skilled workers.

fair deal at fairpoint

The firm of Angelo, Gordon & Company is a major hedge fund that makes tens of millions of dollars each year by managing employee pension funds. At the same time, Angelo, Gordon is the largest shareholder in FairPoint Communications, a company that is currently waging war against its own workers, freezing pensions, cutting retiree health care, and sharply raising health care costs for current employees. To make matters worse, FairPoint is demanding the right to outsource work at any time to lower-paid, less-experienced, out-of-state and overseas contractors.

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$15 #StrikeFastFoodNational Fast Food Strike

Striking fast food workers have been arrested in cities across the country while peacefully protesting today. But we can’t let that quiet us. We have to keep on being heard – and we need your help.

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It's a picture of José Carillo. He’s 81 years old and was arrested for civil disobedience in front of the Times Square McDonald’s this morning. If it weren’t for food stamps and Medicare, José says he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself. He certainly isn’t able to retire. But he said he would do whatever it takes for $15 an hour for his younger co-workers, who are struggling to raise families and survive.

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corp-inversions2Sign the petition!Walgreens made international headlines recently when it considered using a loophole called a “tax inversion” to dodge billions of dollars in taxes. Thanks in part to the grassroots activism from CREDO, Daily Kos and a broad progressive coalition, the company backed down.

But a dozen other major American corporations have exploited the same loophole so far in 2014 and countless others—including Burger King—are actively considering it.

President Obama could eliminate much of the tax incentive for companies to move overseas by simply invoking a law that has been on the books for decades.

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part-time laborFlickr Commons, Archival ClothingBreaking news from The Guardian

Silicon Valley's gig economy is not the future of work – it's driving down wages

Sites like TaskRabbit are isolating workers and paying them less. But that might just form the high-tech union of the future

Like many of the other tech companies – Lyft, Zaarly, Fiverr – that have gotten bucketloads of venture capital to match underemployed people with no-commitment gigs, TaskRabbit taps into an existing need – any kind of income in an economy increasingly built on low-wage jobs or no jobs at all – and fulfils a real desire for flexibility among 21st-century workers. The company's CEO has said that TaskRabbit's goal is to "revolutionize the world's labor force"

Read more.

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As of March 1, 2016, our new office location is:
10 Tower Office Park, Suite 415, Woburn, MA



2019 Meeting Schedule

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Meetings are bimonthly.

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