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SEIU Local 3, Firemen and Oilers, Business Agent, Ike Gabriel, responded last week to Lawrence DPW workers' complaints they had been ordered by Mayor Rivera's office to clean up a homeless site contaminated with, among other things, hypodermic needles, without proper training or HAZMAT protective gear.

“I immediately told the guys to stop working, this is too dangerous,” Gabriel said. “They had no safety equipment. They had a pair of gloves. That's it. The mayor said I don't have the authority (to direct workers to leave the site). I say I do. I said I'm not going to allow these people to go down there in those conditions.”
~ "City, union spar over working conditions", Eagle Tribune, August 13, 2017

Hazardous working conditions have long been an issue between Lawrence DPW and Mayor Rivera's office. On August 4, 2017, prior to last week's homeless encampment cleanup order, Local 3 met with the mayor's office and their lawyers to again discuss long-standing, unsafe conditions at the DPW yard.

Lawrence DPW Local3 2017Local 3 Lawrence DPW worker pointing to hypodermic needles at yard.
Image: Ike Gabriel

The City of Lawrence is NOT listed as one of the state's approved Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities.

Local 3 stands behind safe working conditions at all their sites. We hope the City of Lawrence will meet all necessary safety standards without delay.

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