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Reasons to Contact Fireman and Oilers Local 3

In order to keep our records up-to-date and serve you better, we need every Local 3 member to contact us with any changes to your status.

  • Have you moved or will you be moving?
  • Has your phone number changed?
  • Has your employment status changed? For example: New Hired, Retired, Resigned, Terminated?
  • Are you taking a Leave of Absence?
  • Are you out on Workers Compensation leave?
  • Have you returned from a leave or Workers Comp leave?
  • Do you have questions about the Union, your collective bargaining agreement, or your representatives?

Your business agent is:

Lisa Ireson

Bilingual Office Coordinator:

Myrtle Grullon

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Who are Local 3?

Local 3 Firemen and Oilers evolved from the oldest local in the Firemen and Oilers Union. We are over thirteen hundred members strong. Our members work in a vast array of industries and services. We keep some of the Boston area's most famous buildings going, such as the Prudential Center and the Taj Hotel.

We keep your schools clean, your drinking water pure, and your streets plowed. The brothers and sisters of Local 3 make your life better every day. Boston's oldest hotel, the Omni Parker House, and her newest landmark, the Boston Convention and Expo Center, are proud to be served by Local 3's skilled workers.

From the Sheraton Boston Hotel and Towers to the Springfield Civic Center, our members are proud to be Firemen and Oilers!