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RumboClick to download PDFLawrence's Mayor Rivera may appear in public to support #Fightfor15, but his actions with city employees make him out to be a hypocrite, so says Ike Gabriel, Business Agent for Firemen and Oilers Local 3, the union representing City of Lawrence workers.

“Yes, I believe that Mayor Rivera is a hypocrite because just a year ago he was supporting the $15 minimum wage per hour at one of our rallies yet his own employees are not above that,” Ike said. (via rumbanews.com)

Lawrence city workers represented by Local 3 have not had a contract for six years.

Just last week, on April 11, 2016, Senator Elizabeth Warren met with the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council and Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera to discuss issues of fair housing, rents, pre-school and the preservation of the middle class.

Senator Warren promised to "fight for Lawrence in Washington", according to Rumbo. If she only knew how the mayor treats his city workers!

“We have members of Local 3 not only at City Hall but at the airport, the cemetery, fire and police department,” he explained.  “Everyone around them receives raises but them.  It’s not fair!” (Ike Gabriel via Rumbo)

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