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From the Communication Workers of America

Back room trade deals benefit big corporations at the expense of working people. We need your help demanding that U.S. officials move the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement negotiations into the light of day.

The Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement is a massive new trade deal for the Pacific Rim. After eleven major rounds of negotiations, the United States has reportedly introduced proposals for most, if not all, of an estimated 26 separate chapters for this pact — proposals that will likely affect jobs, wages, agriculture, migration, consumer safety, the environment, financial regulations, access to medicine, indigenous rights, public procurement and more in our communities and throughout the world.


Despite the far-reaching nature of the Trans-Pacific FTA, the U.S. Trade Representative has refused to release any of its negotiating proposals for public scrutiny. One corporate trade attorney with decades of experience in international trade negotiations recently gloated that, "This is the least transparent trade negotiation I have ever seen." That isn't right and has to change.

What's even worse, however, is that while you, I and the majority of Americans are barred from knowing what's taking place in the Trans-Pacific FTA negotiations, approximately 600 corporate lobbyists have been named "cleared advisors," giving them regular access to the negotiating documents and negotiators.

This type of back-room deal making is unacceptable in a democracy, and it is even outside of the norm for international trade negotiations. Even the World Trade Organization (WTO) publishes its draft negotiating proposals online for public review and comment.

Please sign our online petition urging U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to publicly release the negotiating proposals for the Trans-Pacific FTA. All petitions will be delivered to U.S. trade negotiators prior to the start of the next negotiating round in Dallas this May.

You deserve the right to know what U.S. trade negotiators are negotiating in your name. Please take action now.


In Unity,

Beth Allen
Online Communications Director


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