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Local 3 Organize group


You are cordially invited to join Local 3 SEIU Firemen and Oilers, the largest, fastest-growing, and most diverse union for service workers in the nation.

As a member of the SEIU family, you'll have the support of 1.3 million service workers just like you, to help you achieve better wages, benefits, job security, and working conditions.

Founded in 1898, Local 3, formerly the Firemen and Oilers, is one of America's oldest unions. F&O's 28,000 members work in a hundred different occupations ranging from railroads to government offices, from schools to hospitals to food processing and almost anything you can name.

But Local 3 members all have one thing in common. They believe workers deserve to be treated fairly, and they believe in their union.

Without a union you leave all of your rights outside when you walk through the door to work. But you can change this.

Do yourself and your co-workers a favor. Contact Lisa Ireson to find out how!


As of March 1, 2016, our new office location is:
10 Tower Office Park, Suite 415, Woburn, MA



2019 Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday January 23
    Wednesday March 27
    Wednesday May 22
    Wednesday September 25
    Wednesday November 27

Meetings are bimonthly.

Time: 5 P.M.

Meeting Location:

Who are Local 3?

Local 3 Firemen and Oilers evolved from the oldest local in the Firemen and Oilers Union. We are over thirteen hundred members strong. Our members work in a vast array of industries and services. We keep some of the Boston area's most famous buildings going, such as the Prudential Center and the Taj Hotel.

We keep your schools clean, your drinking water pure, and your streets plowed. The brothers and sisters of Local 3 make your life better every day. Boston's oldest hotel, the Omni Parker House, and her newest landmark, the Boston Convention and Expo Center, are proud to be served by Local 3's skilled workers.

From the Sheraton Boston Hotel and Towers to the Springfield Civic Center, our members are proud to be Firemen and Oilers!



Local 3 SEIU (Firemen and Oilers)

10 Tower Office Park, Suite 415,
Woburn, MA

(781) 281-2977
(781) 281-0184 (fax)

See our "Officers and Staff" page for more information.